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Bioshock 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bioshock 2
  • Game Description: BioShock 2 carries on the successful franchise that has so far sold over 2.5 million units worldwide! This game continues the traditions set in the original BioShock and combines a great first person shooter experience with an interesting and original storyline. BioShock 2 is set around 10 years after the events of the original game and Rapture is once again rocked with by sins committed in the past. Somewhere and somehow, a monster has been snatching little girls and taking them back to Rapture. As Big Daddy, your goal is go to to Rapture and find a solution to the problem.

Unlockables cheat for Bioshock 2 on Xbox 360

The following can be unlocked by obtaining the respective ranks listed

Crossbow: Rank 10
Elephant Gun: Rank 18
Grenade Launcher: Rank 06
Machine Gun: Rank 2
Nail Gun: Rank 14
Pistol/Shotgun: Rank 1

Crossbow Damage Increase: Rank 21
Crossbow Rate of Fire: Rank 35
Elephant Gun Damage Increase: Rank 39
Elephant Gun Sniper Scope: Rank 25
Grenade Launcher Homing Grenades: Rank 17
Grenade Launcher Velocity Boost: Rank 33
Machine Gun Kickback Reduction: Rank 31
Machine Gun Magazine Size: Rank 13
Nail Gun Damage Increase: Rank 37
Nail Gun Magazine Size: Rank 23
Pistol Automatic Firing: Rank 5
Pistol Damage Upgrade: Rank 27
Shotgun Automatic Reload: Rank 29
Shotgun Rate of Fire: Rank 9
Speedy Hacker: Rank 24

Eagle/Tragic Comedy: Rank 10
Moon/Indigo Feather: Rank 20
Octopus/Demon: Rank 40
Peacock Feather/Sun God: Rank 30
Rabbit/Goat/Pink Feather: Rank 1

Crowbar/Flashlight: Rank 30
Hatchet: Rank 40
Machete/Rolling Pin: Rank 10
Mallet/Barbed Wire: Rank 20
Wrench/Candle Stick/Pipe: Rank 1

Air Dash: Rank 4
Electro Bol/Winter Blast/Incinerate: Rank 1
Geyser Trap: Rank 8
Houdini Rank: 16
Insect Swarm: Rank 20
Telekinesis: Rank 12

Back Stabber: Rank 11
Big Game Hunter: Rank 36
Deadly Machine: Rank 32
Death Trap: Rank 38
Expert Researcher/Security Evasion: Rank 3
Fast Feet: Rank 30
Headhunter: Rank 34
Leg Up: Rank 28
Metabolic Eve: Rank 15
Repairman: Rank 22
Resurrection: Rank 40
Sabotage: Rank 19
Slugger: Rank 26
Speedy Recovery/Eve Saver: Rank 7

Game Name: Bioshock 2

Cheat Name: Unlockables

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