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Beowulf Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Beowulf
Game Description: Beowulf is a legendary Norse warrior who is supposed to have the strength of 30 men. In the Xbox 360 game Beowulf, you play the role of Beowulf. You are also arrogant, carnal, selfish and lustful for wealth. In a visit to Denmark to destroy a blood thirsty beast, you fall prey to its promise of easy power and set yourself for the Danish throne. With the kingdom come the responsibilities of facing the consequences of your own actions. Lead the Danes into war, defeat your enemies and kill the Titans of a dying age that threaten Denmark. At the end of the game you will be asking yourself a question – are you a hero or a monster?


Achievements cheat for Beowulf on Xbox 360

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Brass Knuckles - 30 points - Kill 58 enemies with your bare hands
Carnal Collector - 20 points - Find and collect all Carnal Rune Pieces
Collateral Damage - 30 points - Break 58 different objects
Completed Act One in Legend - 60 points - Complete Act One in Legend Difficulty
Completed Act One in Thane - 20 points - Complete Act One in Thane Difficulty
Completed Act Two in Legend - 60 points - Complete Act Two in Legend Difficulty
Completed Act Two in Thane - 20 points - Complete Act Two in Thane Difficulty
Dragonheart - 30 points - Defeat the Dragon
Eye Gouger - 30 points - Defeat the Sea Serpent
Game Completed in Legend - 80 points - Complete the game in Legend Difficulty
Game Completed in Thane - 50 points - Complete the game in Thane Difficulty
Heart Crusher - 30 points - Defeat the Wolf
Heroic Collector - 20 points - Find and collect all Heroic Runes Pieces
Ice Breaker - 30 points - Defeat Hela
Legendary Collector - 50 points - Find all the Legendary Weapons
Legendary King - 30 points - Reach max heroic index
Memento of Carnage - 20 points - Kill 8 people within 1 Carnal Fury
Memento of Glory - 20 points - Kill 8 enemies within 1 Heroic Storm
Morale Gasser - 20 points - Activate the Heroic Storm 38 times
Mythical Monster Slayer - 30 points - Max carnal index reached
Prison Break - 20 points - Find and save all Thane Prisoners
Reign'in Blood - 30 points - Obtain all of the Carnal Upgrades
Rise of the King - 30 points - Obtain all of the Heroic Upgrades
The Dodger - 20 points - Dodge at least 88 times
The Perfect Song - 60 points - Perform the Grendel Song perfectly
The Slayer - 20 points - Kill multiple enemies with a single attack on 28 different occasions
The Untouchable - 30 points - Block at least 58 Attacks
Towering Strength - 20 points - Use Pillars to kill 8 enemies
Weapon Theft - 30 points - Steal a weapon from 28 different enemies
Weapons of Choice - 30 points - Kill at least 1 enemy with each of the available weapon types

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