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Battlestations: Pacific Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlestations: Pacific
  • Game Description: Battlestations: Pacific based on WWII, features two distinct massive single-player campaigns which gives in-depth, action packed combat and strategic battle experience on an absolutely extraordinary level. The game starts from point where Battlestations: Midway left off as Americans forces continue the war onwards to Okinawa and securing peace is your mission.

Japanese Campaign Vehicles cheat for Battlestations: Pacific on Xbox 360

You can unlock many different vehicles during the Japanesse campaign by obtaining certain medals:

Yamato Class Battleship: Obtain gold medal in “Invasion of Midway”.

Type B Submarine Equipped: Obtain silver medal in “Attack on Sydney's Harbour”.

Tone Class Heavy Cruiser: Obtain silver medal in “Battle of Java Sea”.

Shimikazi Advanced Torpedo Destroyer: Obtain silver medal in “Solomons Skirmish”.

Ohka Suicide Rocket Plane: Obtain a gold medal in “Invasion of Hawaii”.

J7W Shinden Fighter Plane: Obtain a silver medal in “Invading of Port Moresby”.

I-400 Submarine: Obtain a silver medal in “Hunt for the USA Hornet”.

H8K Emily Flying Boat: Obtain a silver medal in “Destruction of Zforce”.

Akizuki Class Anti-air Destroyer: Obtain a silver medal in “Saving the Shoho”.

Game Name: Battlestations: Pacific

Cheat Name: Japanese Campaign Vehicles

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