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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 Cheats


Unlockables cheat for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Xbox 360

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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The following are the unlockable items for each class and how much XP you'll need to obtain them:

Generic Unlockables
870 Combat Shotgun: 6,800 experience
Saiga 20K Semi Shotgun: 10,900 experience
MP-443 Grach Pistol 18,500 experience
WWII M1911 .45 Pistol: 28,300 experience
Lightweight Combat Equipment: 39,900 experience points
Ammo Hip Bandolier: 53,000 experience
Grenade Vest: 67,600 experience
Explosive Leg Pouch 83,400 experience
Extended Shotgun Magazine: 100,400 experience
WWII M1A1 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun: 118,500 experience
Tracer Dart Gun Pistol: 137,600 experience
MP-412 Rex Pistol: 157,700 experience
M93R Burst Pistol: 178,800 experience
Ceramic Body Armor: 200,700 experience
Magnum Ammo: 223,500 experience
12-Gauge Slugs: 247,200 experience
Improved Demolitions 271,600 experience
SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun: 296,800 experience
M14 MOD 0 Enhanced Semi-Auto Rifle: 332,800 experience
Neostead 2000 Combat Shotgun: 349,500 experience
USAS-12 Auto (Shotgun): 376,900 experience
G3 Full-Auto Assault Rifle: 405,000

Assault Unlockables
Ammo Box: 1,180 experience
XM8 Prototype: 3,020 experience
40mm Smoke Launcher: 5,410 experience
F2000 Assault: 8,100 experience
40mm Shotgun: 10,900 experience
AR Red Dot Sight: 13,900 experience
AR 4X Rifle Scope: 17,000 experience
STG.77 AUG: 20,200 experience
Marksman AR Training: 23,500 experience
AN-94 Abakan: 28,200 experience
M416: 35,300 experience
M16A2: 47,000 experience

Medic Unlockables
Medic Kit: 1,410 experience
M249 SAW: 3,340 experience
Defibrillator: 5,800 experience
Type 88 LMG: 8,600 experience
Medic Kit Improved Heal: 11,600 experience
LMG Red Dot Sight: 14,700 experience
LMG 4X Rifle Scope: 17,900 experience
Medic Kit Improved Range: 21,300 experience
M60 LMG: 24,700 experience
Marksman LMG Training: 28,300 experience
XM8 LMG: 33,900 experience
MG36: 42,400 experience
MG3: 56,500 experience

Engineer Unlockables
Repair Tool: 1,070 experience
SCAR-L Carbine: 2,510 experience
Anti Tank Mine: 4,390 experience
XM8 Compact: 6,500 experience
M2CG Missile Launcher: 8,700 experience
SMG Red Dot Sight: 11,100 experience
SMG 4X Rifle Scope: 13,500 experience
AKS-74U Krinkov: 16,000 experience
M136 Missile Launcher: 18,600 experience
Marksman SMG Training: 21,300 experience
Uzi: 25,600 experience
PP-2000 Avtomat: 32,000 experience
UMP-45: 42,600 experience

Vechile Unlockables
Vechile Motion Sensors: 1,180 experience
Hardened Armor: 2,330 experience
Extra Damage: 3,650 experience
Quick Reload Package: 5,000 experience
Smoke Countermeasures Package: 6,500 experience
High Power Optics Package: 8,000 experience
Coaxial Machine Gun: 9,500 experience

Recon Unlockables
Motion Sensor: 860 experience
Type 88 Sniper: 2,190 experience
Mortal Strike: 3,930 experience
SV98 Snaiperskaya 5,900 experience
Sniper 4X Scope: 7,900 experience
12X High Power Scope: 10,100 experience
Sniper Red Dot Sight: 12,400 experience
SVU Snaiperskaya Short: 14,700 experience
Sniper Spotting Scope: 17,100 experience
GOL Sniper Magnum: 20,500 experience
VSS Snaiperskaya Special: 25,700 experience
M95 Sniper: 34,200 experience

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