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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Game Description: Battlefield Bad Company 2 you get incredible in-vehicle combat combined with the other, usual Battlefield quality game characteristics you'd expect. There are lots of new vehicles to try out in Bad Company 2 and heaps on new options for multiplayer games over Xbox Live. Plus, there is the all new Frostbite-enabled Destruction 2.0 system which lets you destroy all sorts of objects and open whole new gameplay options. Not only does the game boast some of the best multiplayer gaming to be found on the Xbox 360, but the single player campaign has also been perfected further for this latest version of the franchise.

Unlockables cheat for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Xbox 360

The following are the unlockable items for each class and how much XP you'll need to obtain them:

Generic Unlockables
870 Combat Shotgun: 6,800 experience
Saiga 20K Semi Shotgun: 10,900 experience
MP-443 Grach Pistol 18,500 experience
WWII M1911 .45 Pistol: 28,300 experience
Lightweight Combat Equipment: 39,900 experience points
Ammo Hip Bandolier: 53,000 experience
Grenade Vest: 67,600 experience
Explosive Leg Pouch 83,400 experience
Extended Shotgun Magazine: 100,400 experience
WWII M1A1 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun: 118,500 experience
Tracer Dart Gun Pistol: 137,600 experience
MP-412 Rex Pistol: 157,700 experience
M93R Burst Pistol: 178,800 experience
Ceramic Body Armor: 200,700 experience
Magnum Ammo: 223,500 experience
12-Gauge Slugs: 247,200 experience
Improved Demolitions 271,600 experience
SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun: 296,800 experience
M14 MOD 0 Enhanced Semi-Auto Rifle: 332,800 experience
Neostead 2000 Combat Shotgun: 349,500 experience
USAS-12 Auto (Shotgun): 376,900 experience
G3 Full-Auto Assault Rifle: 405,000

Assault Unlockables
Ammo Box: 1,180 experience
XM8 Prototype: 3,020 experience
40mm Smoke Launcher: 5,410 experience
F2000 Assault: 8,100 experience
40mm Shotgun: 10,900 experience
AR Red Dot Sight: 13,900 experience
AR 4X Rifle Scope: 17,000 experience
STG.77 AUG: 20,200 experience
Marksman AR Training: 23,500 experience
AN-94 Abakan: 28,200 experience
M416: 35,300 experience
M16A2: 47,000 experience

Medic Unlockables
Medic Kit: 1,410 experience
M249 SAW: 3,340 experience
Defibrillator: 5,800 experience
Type 88 LMG: 8,600 experience
Medic Kit Improved Heal: 11,600 experience
LMG Red Dot Sight: 14,700 experience
LMG 4X Rifle Scope: 17,900 experience
Medic Kit Improved Range: 21,300 experience
M60 LMG: 24,700 experience
Marksman LMG Training: 28,300 experience
XM8 LMG: 33,900 experience
MG36: 42,400 experience
MG3: 56,500 experience

Engineer Unlockables
Repair Tool: 1,070 experience
SCAR-L Carbine: 2,510 experience
Anti Tank Mine: 4,390 experience
XM8 Compact: 6,500 experience
M2CG Missile Launcher: 8,700 experience
SMG Red Dot Sight: 11,100 experience
SMG 4X Rifle Scope: 13,500 experience
AKS-74U Krinkov: 16,000 experience
M136 Missile Launcher: 18,600 experience
Marksman SMG Training: 21,300 experience
Uzi: 25,600 experience
PP-2000 Avtomat: 32,000 experience
UMP-45: 42,600 experience

Vechile Unlockables
Vechile Motion Sensors: 1,180 experience
Hardened Armor: 2,330 experience
Extra Damage: 3,650 experience
Quick Reload Package: 5,000 experience
Smoke Countermeasures Package: 6,500 experience
High Power Optics Package: 8,000 experience
Coaxial Machine Gun: 9,500 experience

Recon Unlockables
Motion Sensor: 860 experience
Type 88 Sniper: 2,190 experience
Mortal Strike: 3,930 experience
SV98 Snaiperskaya 5,900 experience
Sniper 4X Scope: 7,900 experience
12X High Power Scope: 10,100 experience
Sniper Red Dot Sight: 12,400 experience
SVU Snaiperskaya Short: 14,700 experience
Sniper Spotting Scope: 17,100 experience
GOL Sniper Magnum: 20,500 experience
VSS Snaiperskaya Special: 25,700 experience
M95 Sniper: 34,200 experience

Game Name: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Cheat Name: Unlockables

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