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Battle Fantasia Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battle Fantasia
  • Game Description: Battle Fantasia is a game made for the Xbox 360 which even the new comers to one-on-one fighting games are sure to love. This game is fun to play with its interesting tactics and easy control system as well as the unique fighting style of each of the individual characters. The game is available online at the Xbox LIVE which enables one to challenge the whole world and this can be a real adventure. The side stories are also very interesting as it reveals the various characters, much to the interest of the gamer.

Alternative Stories cheat for Battle Fantasia on Xbox 360

There are many different story paths for your characters within the game for you to follow. Here is how to unlock them:

Asley: All you'll need to do for this one is 'taunt' Coyori.
Cedric: During the fight against Marco you need to adjust your glasses 5 times.
Coyori: Try to throw Freed on five different occasions.
Deathbringer: Make sure the killing blow on Watson is Final Inferno.
Dokurod: Once Coyori is down taunt him.
Donvalve: Finish Coyori with a Super and use "hip-de-hop" at some point during the encounter.
Face: At five different points in the fight use Texas Knee versus Urs.
Freed: Hit Marco with Magnum Jetter five times.
Marco: Deliver the final blow on Olivia using Dyna Rush
Olivia: Squeeze in 10 (ten) D attack's on Coyori and use one to finish him off.
Urs: Beat Olivia by timeout.
Watson: Use Hip-de-bunny as the final blow vs Cedric.

Game Name: Battle Fantasia

Cheat Name: Alternative Stories

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