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Alpha Protocol Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Alpha Protocol
  • Game Description: You can't trust your senses in the world of espionage. At least not in Obsidian Entertainment's thriller role playing game Alpha Protocol. You become Michael Thorton, a high level government operative. You are trained to seek out and eliminate threats to the national security. But when a mission goes horribly awry, you are the only one who has what it takes to prevent an international catastrophe. Your skills, boldness, and encyclopaedic brain are the keys to doing this. But the catch is, you will make use of the exact government instructions that the enemy wanted to use: Alpha Protocol. This game is set in the world of today. The game give you total control of Thorton's activities, personality, and disposition. And all of these will be vital to the future of the world. Alpha Protocol mixes fast paced combat, awesome RPG features, and character advancement. This game is a brand new perspective on the RPG thriller genre. The story you play out is like a best-selling spy thriller, including a super realistic world of espionage that will hold you enthralled. Alpha Protocol is the new world of RPG from the creators of Neverwinter Nights 2, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords.

Unlockables cheat for Alpha Protocol on Xbox 360

Brayko's SMG's - Kill Brayko
Brayko's Stereo - Spare Brayko
Gold assault rifle - Sneak up on Al Samad Lieutenant without any alarms being sounded.
Gold Plated Assault Rifle - Sneak up on Al Samad Lieutenant without any alarms being sounded
Gold Plated Sub Machinegun - Assassinate Brajka
Gold sub machine gun - Assassinate Brajka.
Omen's Shotgun - Killl Omen Deng
Veteran class - Successfully complete the game as a Recruit class. The Veteran class starts with three skill points in every category and "Veteran" dialog options.

Game Name: Alpha Protocol

Cheat Name: Unlockables

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