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Lords Of Shadow Information And Reveal Trailer, Kojima's Assistance Confirmed?

A few hours ago news surfaced about a new game titled "Lords of Shadow" being rumored to be Hideo Kojima's next project, a little digging up of archives reveals that this game has already been announced by Konami way back at the Games Convention 2008. [read more]

Unreal Engine 3: Epic's Fail

The Power Review: The Unreal Engine 3 has fueled consoles for much of this generation and propelled some of its best games. But are developers relying too heavily on this middleware engine, and is that leading to the engine itself holding back the true potential of this generation's consoles? [read more]

Mafia 2: On-site visit to the developer

Via Google Translate: Often there is a lack of computer games with destructible environment of the last consequence: Some discs can be zerdeppern, others do not. Doors are broken, wooden walls, but they each stand shelling. "Mafia 2" will go down new paths. The player breaks down everything he sees - if he wants. The ruined objects will not disappear easily - the title of integrating it into the story. "We have in the game unbelievably many things that the player destroy or otherwise use," said Michal Janacek of 2K Cze [read more]

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