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Turn 10 Studio Update: Press Tours, TGS and FM3 Demo

Turn 10 Studio Update: Press Tours, TGS and FM3 Demo! [read more]

Are All Xbox 360s Doomed To Fail? Student Survey Aims To Find Out

Reader Ben Strauss is doing a cool project for his marketing class - he's surveying Xbox owners to find out how many have had failed Xboxes and/or know someone who does. So far he's interviewed 200 people and is seeing a 71% failure rate, with 85% of respondents saying they know someone with a failed Xbox. [read more]

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 250GB hard drive war

Before it was bits and now it's hard drives. Microsoft Corp. this week announced a new 250GB Xbox 360 SKU to more than double Sony Corp.'s 120GB Playstation 3 Slim hardware. In a game of digital content, bigger storage may hold the key to bigger hardware sales and revenue. [read more]

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of Holiday Season 2009

From the PlanetXbox360.com feature article: "There is one time out of every single year that all gamers look forward to and it's the holiday season that begins right around the end of summer. It isn't holiday in the traditional sense so much as the time when we look forward to Christmas as it is when all of the best games are releasing. However, this year it seems there is a bit of a wider birth being granted as several games are nudged into the first quarter of next year. In the meantime, I have scrounged together my 10 must haves of the hottest games releasing before 2009 comes to a close. 10. Darksiders - Dropping the original Wrath of War subtitle, I find it very interesting that this title hasn't slipped into 2010 yet as several sites including Amazon still have it coming at the end of the year. Personally, I think the concept is interesting and stands apart from Dante's Inferno in that instead of being definitively good or evil, you just want to kill everyone. After all, you're filling the shoes of War, one of the four horsemen of the freakin' apocalypse. This isn't a day job for the weak of heart, given that when you're finally called in to the office you're expected to slaughter everything in sight. Oh, and it's the end of the world. All the same, the basic plot of the title involves you, as War, being blamed for prematurely causing that whole Armageddon thing and both Heaven and Hell are pretty upset about it. So, you have to do what anyone trying to prove their innocence would do, annihilate their way to absolution. While the videos of Darksiders have shown very intelligent gameplay mechanics on the part of the development team, I can't help but fight off the feeling that this title will slowly drift out of the year into the next. As it never hurts to have time to finish polishing a game, I still would like to see this game be of truly biblical proportions before the year is out." [read more]

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