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PS3 Informer: Prototype Review

PS3 Informer writes: "The world can definitely be a scary place, but especially for someone who just awoke inside a morgue with no memories. What if this scenario happened to you? For Alex Mercer, it has become apparent that he was different and people wanted him dead...now he just needs to find out why. Welcome to our review of Prototype." [read more]

The Secret E3 Announcements you Didn't Know About

"Below you will read about many of the secrets of E3; secret in that they did not come with a press release or a screenshot, nor was the information released to anyone walking by. It was heard whispered behind backs, imparted across beers or was pried out via targeted questioning. Nothing can be considered anything more than a rumour as some of it may never eventuate when all is said and done, or be flat out denied by those involved. And in the end it is my interpretation of the way events unfolded rather than facts on a sheet. But if you like your games, certainly there will be plenty for you to chew on as in the chaos of E3, it all happened…" [read more]

360 vs. PS3 '09 Remaining Exclusives Showdown!

CouchMercenaries.com - Over the past months I have heard many people talk up the strength of Sony's 2009 line up compared to the 360's. Undoubtedly the PS3 does have a very strong line up, but on the heels of E3 I began looking at the games that were "actually" coming out in 2009. I mean coming into E3 you heard everyone talking up Sony's line up being far superior with the likes of Heavenly Rain, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, GT 5, M.A.G., and others. The common theme was Sony would dominate this Holiday season. However a funny thing happened as we closed out the E3 week. [read more]

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