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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Xbox 360 Cheats

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Genre: Shooter

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 puts you among the best of the best. You'll try for Super Hunter status so you can be part of the ranks of super hunters who have more than just stories as evidence of their success. If you want to compete in Big Game Hunter 2010, you'll have to bag the biggest trophies in the most unforgiving of climates. You'll show your fearlessness and skill by crossing white water rivers, climbing up sheer cliff faces, and just about any other dangerous situation you can think of. In this version of the game, you get new features, such as rewards when you successfully use cover to work your way through missions. You'll also have the advantage of the VITALS system. This helps you visualize that perfect shot as you work your way toward Super Hunter status.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 cheat for Xbox 360: Achievements

cheat name:


cheat: A True Hunter's Sense - 100 gamerpoints - Complete any level without using Hunter Sense.
Bronze Beauty - 10 gamerpoints - Get your first Bronze Medal.
Cool Silver - 10 gamerpoints - Get your first Silver Medal.
Duck And Cover - 10 gamerpoints - Collect all the Cover Points in any hunt.
Easy As Falling Off A Log - 10 gamerpoints - Survive the log balance event.
F+ - 5 gamerpoints - Complete any objective without getting a medal.
Goldilocks' Revenge - 10 gamerpoints - Bag all 4 bears in the game.
Heartbreaker - 20 gamerpoints - Perform 14 heart shots.
I Love Gooold! - 100 gamerpoints - Get all Gold Medals in any level.
I Regret This Decision - 10 gamerpoints - Escape the Bear pit.
I Walk The Line - 10 gamerpoints - Cross all the log balance events.
It’s A Long Shot - 50 gamerpoints - Bag an animal from beyond 80 yards.
Metal Deer Solid - 20 gamerpoints - Bag any deer from within 9 yards.
Muzzlelover - 30 gamerpoints - Hunt 30 animals with a muzzleloader.
One Shot, Two Kills - 20 gamerpoints - Shoot 2 animals with one shotgun shot.
Pistolero! - 30 gamerpoints - Hunt 30 animals with a pistol.
Searching For Meaning - 5 gamerpoints - Use a scope 42 times.
Silent Hunter - 5 gamerpoints - Shoot any animal with a crossbow.
Solid Gold - 10 gamerpoints - Get your first Gold Medal.
Splinter Smell - 20 gamerpoints - Get within 6 yards of any animal without alerting it.
Ultimate Hunter - 200 gamerpoints - Get all Gold Medals for all hunts.
Ultimate Tracker - 160 gamerpoints - Collect at least 90 animal signs.
Wasically Wabbits - 10 gamerpoints - Shoot 20 rabbits.
Welcome To The Order - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the game.
What Big Teeth You Have - 10 gamerpoints - Survive a predator hunt.
William Tell - 30 gamerpoints - Hunt 30 animals with a crossbow.
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