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Lost Planet Trailers Now on Marketplace

Capcom has released two cinematic style trailers to pump up the already explosive buzz around the third person action shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. [read more]

Sonic The Hedgehog Has Shipped to North America

If you cried all those years back when Sega stopped making consoles, you have reason to smile today because your little blue rodent friend is officially next-gen.  Sure, you've had other consoles to enjoy him on, but Sonic has never been High Def before.. [read more]

Design a Monster, Win a Sweet Gaming System

Put your sick mind to good use by designing a character for SouthPeak's upcoming Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia.  The winner will walk away with a 32" LCD TV, an Xbox 360 and a copy of the new game. [read more]

Bullet Witch Fires Off New Screenshots

Atari and Cavia continue work on the sci-fi thriller Bullet Witch and have shared some new screenshots with us.  The end of humanity is looking better than ever. [read more]

Just the Beginning for Gears of War

Just because they have one of the hottest video games to be released this year finished and in stores doesn't mean that Epic are about to kick back, VP Mark Rein explains. [read more]

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Planet Xbox 360 Community Forums

1080p, 720p comparison

im not being funny but if i was gonna spend £2k on a tv then i would take my xbox to the show and see up close and personal what the difference was when playing a game or watching a dvd. you'll find most good tv retailers will let you do this, usually in a nice little booth (you just need to book... [read more]

Component or VGA

---Quote (Originally by oneill)--- Hi Wingman, For me, it was not a waste. It's like this; I had the same problem as you. It looks washed out because you are use to overly done saturated colors on your tv and it isn't calibrated properly. I was so much used to the component color which is highly... [read more]

x360 noises????

I think theres a jet engine in mine when i play games! oh and the tray has a mind of its own, but no real grinding noise!:secruity: [read more]

Tough dilemma

I'm just worried this might happen again :( But I just got DOA4, NFS:C and GoW is out in a few days :D So tempting! For a sec I thought smthn like "ok I'll get the PS3 this time" but NAAAH :p [read more]

Sony copies MS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---Quote (Originally by remixFA)--- if i was on a side, and had to be called a fanboy, yes id be a XBox360 fanboy. But guess what dodo, im on a 360 board, where 360 fanboys go to jibberjabber!! unfortunatly there always has to be some tard to ruin it with his anti-rantings. and yes, you have... [read more]

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