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Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Xbox 360 Console
  • Game Description: Xbox 360 is the perfect mixture of advanced technology and cool design, in which we find the excitement of next-gen gaming and entertainment. Xbox 360 is not only a step of advancement, but rather a revolution that smashes the barrier of linear and incomplete game play. Leave all your concept of indirect one-size-fits-all fun and release the clout human energy through the Xbox 360’s new mechanics that allows you to connect more closely to the game plots. The aspects of social interaction and unending possibilities in the surrealistic environments are all waiting for you to take control of.

Using Xbox Cheats on the Xbox 360 cheat for Xbox 360 Console on Xbox 360

Obviously the Xbox 360 has a left and right trigger and a left and right bumper, while the original Xbox has a left and right trigger and a white button and a black button.

However, this doesn't mean you can use Xbox console cheats when playing Xbox games on your Xbox 360!

In fact, the cheats are exactly the same. You just need to replace the black button with the right bumper and replace the white button with the left bumper.

Black button --> right bumper (RB)
White button --> left bumper (LB)


Game Name: Xbox 360 Console

Cheat Name: Using Xbox Cheats on the Xbox 360

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