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XCOM Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: XCOM
  • Game Description: XCOM is all about an enemy that noone actually knows anything about. The enemy is extremely violent, yet faceless, and it is starting to take more and more civilians... What can stop it as it invades our world, our neighbourhoods and our very homes?

Secret Achievements cheat for XCOM on Xbox 360

Xavier - 25 gamerpoints - Mind Control an Ethereal. Single player only.
Meet New People. Then Kill Them. - 10 gamerpoints - Win a multiplayer match.
Angel of Death - 10 gamerpoints - Kill an alien while flying. Single player only.
Beyond the Veil - 10 gamerpoints - Find a soldier with the Gift.
Prisoner of War - 10 gamerpoints - Capture a live alien.
The Gatekeeper - 10 gamerpoints - Stun an Outsider.
X Marks the Spot - 10 gamerpoints - Uncover the alien base's location.
See All, Know All - 10 gamerpoints - Build the Hyperwave Relay.
On the Shoulders of Giants - 10 gamerpoints - Build the Gollop Chamber.
Ride the Lightning - 10 gamerpoints - Build a Firestorm.
Poison Control - 10 gamerpoints - Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.
And Hell's Coming With Me - 10 gamerpoints - Successfully assault an Overseer UFO.
Off My Planet - 25 gamerpoints - Recover the Hyperwave Beacon.
The Volunteer - 10 gamerpoints - Make contact with the Ethereal hive mind.
Flight of the Valkyries - 10 gamerpoints - Win a mission with an all-female squad. Single player only.

Game Name: XCOM

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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