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Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Tales of Vesperia
  • Game Description: Blastia is an ancient technology controlled by The Empire of Vesperia. A struggle for control over this ancient technology has begun as a complete civilization depends on it. Tales of Vesperia is a larger than life adventurous game where the fates of two friends who are traversing their own paths in life get interlinked. Tales of Vesperia is the first Tales RPG release in HD on Xbox 360, which questions the very existence of all in the game. It has all-new developed details and graphics. With the battles looking more real than ever, it features the ability to unleash fatal strikes, combinations and special Burst Artes.

Achievements cheat for Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360

Back Up Plan - 10 gamerpoints - Save points are located all over the world.
Character Study - 10 gamerpoints - Careful! Some skits are only available for a limited time.
Grand Battles - 10 gamerpoints - Monsters! Bring on the monsters!
Item Nerd - 30 gamerpoints - Careful! Some items are only available through synthesis.
Jackpot - 10 gamerpoints - Win more chips!
Little Mad Scientist - 10 gamerpoints - Synthesize! Mash stuff up! Make lots of things!
Map Nerd - 50 gamerpoints - The camera reveals what the World Map holds...
Monster Nerd - 30 gamerpoints - Don't forget to use a Magic Lens or two. Or more.
No More Grinding - 10 gamerpoints - Just fight and fight until you don't really need to fight anymore.
Piggybank - 10 gamerpoints - Save more Gald. More. No, seriously. A lot more.
The Hit that Keeps On Hitting - 20 gamerpoints - Keep that combo going and going and going!
They Call Me... - 30 gamerpoints - Clear sub events to acquire titles.
To Points Unknown - 10 gamerpoints - The journey of 100,000 km begins with a single step.
Too Much Free Time - 20 gamerpoints - Patience. Hours and hours of patience.
Vesperia Master - 0 gamerpoints - Aim for total completion.

Game Name: Tales of Vesperia

Cheat Name: Achievements

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