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Skate 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Skate 3
  • Game Description: The new city of Port Carverton is the setting for Skate 3, the all new offering from the award winning Skate game franchise. Skate 3 gives you the quintessential skateboarding experience, where you can change the city with the help of your custom-made skate team. You'll face team challenges and compete against rival skate teams throughout the streets of Carverton. There are lots of new tricks, including better off-board options. This exciting new team-based skate game goes above and beyond any of skate games you've played up until now.

Get Tazed or Punched cheat for Skate 3 on Xbox 360

If you want to get punched or tazered then walk up to another person and punch them (if you have no board) and otherwise whack them with your board several times.

They will then have an orange or red arrow over their head.

Girls will tazer you back, while guys will punch you.

Game Name: Skate 3

Cheat Name: Get Tazed or Punched

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