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Ridge Racer 6 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Ridge Racer 6
  • Game Description: Burst around turns at over 150 mph as lovely high definition graphics and twinkling sounds assail your senses. Ridge Racer 6 utilizes the power of the next generation hardware to deliver enlivening drift racing game play. At even more terrific speeds of Xbox 360 Live features, experience the never-before-seen sensation of speed with the evolved Nitrous System. Ridger Racer 6 has included, over 130 cars and 30 courses - the most out of the entire series - all new online modes include Vs. Battles, Global Time Attack, and Downloadable Content on Xbox 360 Live Marketplace!

Tip: Turbo Start cheat for Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360

To turbo start, build up revs and hold them just below the red line, when the word "GO" comes up on the screen push accelerator down all the way and watch your speed go 0-120 in seconds!!!

Game Name: Ridge Racer 6

Cheat Name: Tip: Turbo Start

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