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Just Cause Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Just Cause
  • Game Description: You are an undercover agent sent to overthrow a corrupt government in some tropical island. You are allowed to use any means to achieve the end. That is the gist of the storyline of Just Cause. As you parachute into San Espirito, you will realize the enormous scale of this Xbox 360 game in terms of mission and size. The massive world of San Espirito will take any average gamer 40 minutes to cross - assuming you do not get dragged into one of the 300 plus missions on the way.

Tip: Easy Takeovers cheat for Just Cause on Xbox 360

Simply get a chopper (I usualy use the Screamer, anything with missles) and go to where you start the takeover missions and land close to the guy.
As soon as you start the mission, get back in the chopper and use the missles on everything, just don't go too high or it will cancel the mission.
For villages, you can do the same thing, you just have to watch out for the ones with missile launchers.
After the last barricade, just land and take down the flag.

Game Name: Just Cause

Cheat Name: Tip: Easy Takeovers

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