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Guitar Hero: Metallica Xbox 360 Cheat - Achievements

Guitar Hero: Metallica Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Guitar Hero: Metallica
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Neversoft Entertainment
Genre: Music

Guitar Hero: Metallica brings forth the musical icons of all times with more than 20 rocking acts with a all new experience. Now you too can jag you feet along with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett band in full swing and zeal on Xbox 360. Play guitar, hit the drums and shout it aloud on the mic, some of those greatest album hits of Metallica band. The band itself to be included in the game Guitar Hero has handpicked another great list of artists including Alice in Chains, Queen and Foo Fighters: Metallica. The theme, venues and locations of the band performance are exactly the ones where the band used to play in real life.

Cheat for Guitar Hero: Metallica on Xbox 360: Achievements

cheat name:


cheat: The More I See - 5 points - Complete the Tutorials

Metallica - 75 points - Complete any instrument career on Expert - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Band -

James Hetfield - 25 points - Complete the career as the vocalist

Lars Ulrich - 25 points - Complete the career as the drummer

Kirk Hammett - 25 points - Complete the career as the guitarist

Robert Trujillo - 25 points - Complete the career as the bassist

Holier Than Thou - 150 points - Complete all instrument careers

One - 10 points - Complete a song with any instrument on Hard or Expert in local Quickplay or Career

...And Justice for All - 50 points - Earn 100 stars in Band Career or any single instrument Career

The Ecstacy of Gold - 50 points - Earn $15,000

Ride the Lightning - 10 points - You triggered star power simultaneously - 4 player band -

2 X 4 - 10 points - Earn a band Hot Streak - 4 player band -

Metal Militia - 30 points - 100% a song - 4 player band -

The Struggle Within - 10 points - Complete a song in a band in Quickplay or Career - 4 players -

The Four Horsemen - 20 points - Complete a song with all band members on expert in Quickplay or Career - 4 player band -

Nothing Else Matters - 50 points - Complete the career in a band - 2-4 player band -

Better Than You - 10 points - Win an online Pro Face-Off match

Blitzkrieg - 10 points - Win an online Band v Band match - 8 players -

Seek & Destroy - 25 points - Play 20 online matches

The Unforgiven - 10 points - Win an online Face-Off match

Reload - 5 points - Download a song from GHTunes

Hero of the Day - 30 points - Complete a song on Expert + in Quickplay or Career - drums only -

Wherever I May Roam - 15 points - Complete a song in every venue

The Memory Remains - 5 points - View a Metallifacts video

Black - 10 points - Win an online battle match with the Fade to Black power up
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