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Forza Horizon Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Forza Horizon
  • Game Description: An intense action racing style game of Forza Motorsport set against the unique backdrop of a festival-like atmosphere of the world’s most unique motorsport celebration. Drastic driving maneuvers combined with an excellent soundtrack deliver an exciting driving experience. This game stays true to the Forza Motorsport franchise.

Horizon Festival Cheat cheat for Forza Horizon on Xbox 360

[This cheat has not been confirmed - please comment below or report as necessary]

Go to Recaro Rush race.

Come in last place, then when the money result comes press these buttons in order: X, Y, A, B and then B, A, Y, X.

You will automatically be in the Festival and you can pick any car in the entire Forza Horizon you want for free.

When you save the game it won't be there the next time though, so it is recommended that you don't save the game - unless you want to win races and continue with missions.

Game Name: Forza Horizon

Cheat Name: Horizon Festival Cheat

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