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Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Game Description: In this epic sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Thedas is caught in a civil war and under threat from dangerous tears in the Veil. As a survivor of the sudden Breach who emerges unharmed from the Fade, you must become the Inquisitor—and lead the Inquisition to close the tears and restore peace. Shape the world through your decisions and interact with characters old and new in a wide, varied world. Taking elements from both of its predecessors, Inquisition promises to satisfy both fans of Dragon Age and of RPGs in general.

Infinite Items and Skill Points cheat for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360

If you open a chest with more than one item inside, and only take some of the items, all of them will respawn inside if you use fast travel and then return. You can use this to gain infinite items and even infinite skill points.
For infinite skill points, first unlock four skills from the “Secrets” Inquisition tree, which will allow you to next unlock “Deft Hands, Fine Tools,” which grants Rogues the ability to open Masterwork Locks. Fast travel to the Village of Crestwood with a Rogue, and head right up the steps to a small, locked building. Unlock it and go inside. Near the fireplace, a container holds an Amulet of Power and a Gold Amulet. Take only the Amulet of Power, which will give you or a party member a skill point. Fast travel to another location, and then return to the Village of Crestwood. The Amulet will have respawned. Repeat this process until you have as many skill points as you want.
This can be done with any chest that contains multiple items. Patches may eliminate this trick.

Game Name: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cheat Name: Infinite Items and Skill Points

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