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Borderlands Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Borderlands
  • Game Description: The game Borderlands allows multiple players to share the same gaming experience at the same time by playing simultaneously online. Any player can join or leave each other's games whenever they please, or they can select the full single-player mode instead. Borderlands has impressive real-time physical movement, very lifelike characters, and vehicles that are customizable.

Max Skills cheat for Borderlands on Xbox 360

You will need 2 people. You both sign in.

Before playing you'll need to do this, press A on player 2 and a split second after that player 1 will press A.

The select character menu will show up. Player 2 will select a level 1 person (anyone).

Save but while its auto saving, Exit.

Get back on and there should be a level one no name whatever.

Select it then just play. Your person should be back to the regular level with as many skill points as your level.

Repeat as much times as you want.

Game Name: Borderlands

Cheat Name: Max Skills

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