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skate 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: skate 2
  • Game Description: It has been five years after you disappeared post the disaster. A lot has changed since that time in the skating scene. Vast areas of San Vanelona have been completely destroyed. MongoCorp has won the contract to rebuild San Vanelona but their zealous protectiveness of the areas has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the skate loving population. In the Xbox360 game Skate 2, your job is to not only rebuild your career but also ensure that skating as a sport gets a rebirth in San Vanelona. Some of the help you will have are - double the tricks, ability to get off your board to move things, create the sickest lines, a crew of locals to help you in your business. Take back the city for the next skating experience in Skate 2.

Never Ending Black Hole cheat for skate 2 on Xbox 360

First, you must go to the fantasy factory (buyable in downlodable content) then you must do a cheat.

Be in a goofy stance, go right next to the little green wall right behind you. And when you get there just go in the street to get over the wall you must be still on your board and hold down LT until you about to grab, then quickly press A and ollie.

Then you should be behind the wall. So after you're over the wall go straight until you see fake 2D buildings.

Go through them and you will see a black hole. Go into it then you won't stop going.

This is great for career to unlock HOM places (hideki tower, lindley tower) and for getting points.

Game Name: skate 2

Cheat Name: Never Ending Black Hole

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