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skate Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: skate
  • Game Description: The thing that comes closest to skateboarding without you having to put your feet on the board is Skate. It has new path breaking controls taking advantage of the duel analog sticks with the power of next generation hardware behind them. Skate lets you carve your own style by allowing you to sculpt tricks, which were never seen before in any of the boarding games. It is a multiplayer online game, which can be played via Xbox 360, delivering you genuine playing experience like no other boarding videogame. With physics driven animations combining to your individual style, it promises that no two tricks will ever be the same. San Vanelona throws a challenge at you to explore, find and own the best spots in the game. You can also show off your own individual style to your friends world over by capturing footage. It is just a fiction without footage. You can enjoy all the fun, thrill, creativity and cult of skateboarding without risking broken bones and hospital visits.

Streetmedic's Free Fall Point Multi-Combo cheat for skate on Xbox 360

To access this cheat, you have to finish the picture set challenge. One you have finished it you will recieve a new challenge. Head towards it and just after crossing the street you see a apartment building directly in front of you. Skate towards the door, and go along the right side of that building. Just as it gets dark from the shadows get ready to pull off any stunt combos you can imagine. At the top of the little incline do a Ollie and you free fall for about 7 or so seconds i pulled of 34,984 point combo on first try. Once you free fall you land back at the beginning of the bulding and are awarded you combo points. this can be done over and over. I assume this is a EA glitch that was not found but I found it and now you folks have found it....

Game Name: skate

Cheat Name: Streetmedic's Free Fall Point Multi-Combo

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