WWE’ 12 Multiplayer Updates, Problems Persist

WWE 12 LogoIt’s no secret that gamers trying to play WWE ’12 online have been experiencing a number of issues, the main ones being an inability to login and connect to the online servers and find matches. Well, the good news is that THQ are most definitely aware of the problems and are working hard to fix them. They recently had this to say on the WWEgames (THQ) Facebook page:

Thanks for your support and patience with WWE ‘12 online so far. We sincerely apologize for any disruptions hindering your online experience. We have been working on daily updates to our server software and configurations. The hundreds of thousands of players logging online and uploading content have provided a lot of helpful data for us to continue tuning the performance of our servers. As of this morning, we have added more servers to help with general online connectivity. Overall, you should see pretty smooth entry into online and to multiplayer, but will need to try several times on average to get into Community Creations. We are continuing to work steadfast on the content related searches and rank searches within. Connections to My Info have also been worked on to get solid results continuously. The servers are pretty stable now for online matchmaking, but we realize that they aren’t yet ideal for Community Creations. If you experience disconnects, please try a few more times to increase your chances of successfully connecting. We have an upcoming server update that we hope will help alleviate the problems with connections and downloads to Community Creations search. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, we are doing everything possible to resolve as quickly as we can.

Looking at the user comments left on the post, it seems that many are still experiencing the basic problems mentioned above. I have not gone through them myself, however I can imagine it must be extremely frustrating!

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