Watch_Dogs Single-Handedly Saves Current-Gen Gaming

Just when E3 2012 was looking to be a bit of a letdown, Ubisoft unveiled Watch_Dogs, the new title from Ubisoft Montreal that looks set to prove to the world that current-gen still has a ton of life left. With incredible graphics, a refreshing take on free-roam action games, and an exciting narrative, Watch_Dogs raises the bar for innovation and creativity in an industry driven by derivative sequels and an overabundance of shooters.

It’s not only an enormous breath of fresh air for a developer to introduce a new IP this late in the game, but Producer Dominic Guay said it best when interviewed by IGN: “What’s the point of a new IP if you’re not going to push the bar and offer some new experiences to players?” The ambitious title looks set to bring an all-new way to experience an adventure title by allowing players to tap into the world of Watch_Dogs without ever touching a controller. Tablet and mobile phone integration in the real world make complete sense, considering the game aims to use the extensive networking of our current society to drive an engaging and immersive narrative experience. The utter dedication to the title is insanely admirable, and it’s hard not to be wooed by the infectious enthusiasm every developer has when discussing the possibilities of Watch_Dogs.

It’s this very excitement and whole-hearted approach that makes Watch_Dogs such an exciting title, and one of the many reasons why it should be on every single gamer’s radar. The gorgeous and incredibly unique aesthetic could almost be considered next-gen, while the remarkable concept and gameplay mechanics already look more fleshed-out and polished than some of the retail titles out today. Keep your eye on Watch_Dogs, as it might just be the title to prove to the rest of the industry that creativity and dedication to a great idea will go a long way in a market flooded with copycats and bland experiences.

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