Vergil is in Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry Reboot

The slick white-haired twin brother of Dante appears to be in the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot from Ninja Theory, as was announced today at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Vergil himself appears to have been given a similar makeover as Dante, but his general appearance has been more or less kept intact (although it’s almost a given that diehard fans will complain anyway). Strangely enough, the demon-killing brothers appear to be on the same side in the DmC reboot, and Vergil seems to actually be the leader of an anti-demon organization dubbed, The Order. Have a look for yourself by watching the freshly released Gamescom trailer after the jump.

If I do say so myself, the DmC reboot is looking pretty outstanding for something that was initially regarded as an abomination that deviated too far from the standard Devil May Cry gameplay and mythos. Developer Ninja Theory has taken their vision and really run with it, and the presentation and production values are evidence enough that the team is extremely passionate about the source material and the characters of the franchise. While some people might lament the aesthetic change and departure from some of the overarching thematics of the series, the fact that Ninja Theory isn’t afraid to dedicate itself to creating an all-new universe and narrative with DmC is truly admirable. Plus, they ditched the awful voice actor for Vergil, so chalk that one up as a win, if nothing else.

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