Track Zombie-Killing Stats with Resident and Resident Evil 6


Not one to be left out of the crowd, Capcom recently announced at Gamescom 2012 that it will be releasing an in-depth stat-tracking website, dubbed Resident, for the upcoming Resident Evil 6. The website, which will reportedly be a free service for all, allows players to track their stats in-game and compete with their friends for high scores across all of Resident Evil 6’s game modes. The service will also be tied in with Twitter and presumably other social networks, and will alert you if your buddies have bested one of your high scores. The service also displays additional statistics, including playtime, weapon stats, and more. In addition, exclusive Resident unlockables will be rewarded for completing various challenges within the services framework, allowing for even more reason to be a part of the online service. For screenshots of Resident, hit the jump!

And here’s one more.

Although the site isn’t live just yet, Resident will surely hit the web in its fully-featured form sometime around the release of the upcoming Resident Evil 6.

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