Ten Must Have Xbox Live Arcade Games

Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) is often overlooked by many users because its games can be of graphically poor quality and they might lack the depth of their physically shipped counterparts. While we won’t pretend that the quality of games on XBLA is, generally speaking, on par with those found in your local video game store, it would be unfair not to acknowledge some of the finer titles within the XBLA digital catalog that have kept us entertained during slow periods (in terms of releases) this year.

10. Pac Man CE

Pac Man is a video gaming classic. You’ll find yourself falling in love with this retro beast all over again.

9. Torchlight

Torchlight XBLA Game

A large portion of you are going to turn your noses up at Torchlight, but our list, our rules – we love it! In fact, we loved it so much I bought it for my laptop as well. Torchlight keeps me well entertained during tedious meetings.

8. Trials HD

It’s not innovative and the graphics are hardly going to leave you breathless, but Trials HD is entertaining and keeps you engaged for long periods of time. One of the many titles in this list that will keep you in the infinite limbo of “one more try”.

7. Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars has something a little different about it when compared to the rest of this list and we reckon we’ve invested hundreds of hours into it. Great pick up and play title.

6. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy XBLA Game

300+ levels of awesomeness! Super Meat Boy made us laugh, it made us cry (regularly), but most importantly of all it entertained us. Essential for all platform lovers.

5. Castle Crashers

Nothing complex here, just good humor, classic side-scrolling action and plenty of cartoony violence. If you haven’t already had a peek at Castle Crashers, now would be an ideal time.

4. Braid

Don’t let the graphics fool you. This platform game will have you locked in from the moment you download it. Don’t just take our word for it though, have a try yourself!

3. Limbo

Limbo XBLA Game

You take on the role of a young boy who is lost and searching for his sister. Limbo is aesthetically pleasing and well designed in every sense of the word, and for a side-scrolling game it has a lot of depth. The story line (while abstract at times) is well worth keeping track of.

2. Shadow Complex

We loved the old Metroid games so it’s no real surprise this bad boy was towards the top of our list. Action platforms are just awesome. While the majority of XBLA regulars will have played Shadow Complex, it still surprises us just how many haven’t. Well worth a look, in our humble opinion.

1. Portal

Portal XBLA Game

Yes, yes. We know. We can’t explain it either, so don’t expect us to even try. It’s been a little over four years since we were slapped in the face by its PC counterpart and we’re still playing Portal over and over again. Without question one of the most creative games to be released in the last decade and it’s still alive and kicking on XBLA!

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