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Battlefield 4 Beta Available for Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preorders?

It’s becoming quite a popular practice to entice gamers with a beta for an anticipated title for preordering a game that isn’t generating as much hype as the developers would like. So, it’s only natural that Medal of Honor: Warfighter … Continue reading

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Believe It: Free-to-Play Really is the Future of Gaming

For whatever reason, gamers around the world have scorned the likes of Crytek developers and Peter Moore or whomever else decides to publicly declare that free-to-play is the future of gaming. Guess what? They’re right. With development costs skyrocketing as … Continue reading

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Madden 13’s Kinect Voice Integration – Gimmick or Evolution?

Hearing EA officials call the forthcoming game in the Madden series “the next big innovation” year in and year out is nearly cringe worthy – but it appears that for once, the enhancements promised at this year’s E3 might prove … Continue reading

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Activision and EA Finally Settle Infinity Ward Lawsuit

Remember this one? The whole, “EA stole our Call of Duty lead designers to sabotage Modern Warfare 2!” claim by Activision back in 2010? According to Gamasutra, the two mega-publishers have buried the hatchet and settled on the lawsuit. The … Continue reading

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Opinion: EA Representatives have No Right to Lash Out Against Black Ops 2

Just yesterday, Electronic Arts global project manager Kevin O’Leary cheekily suggested that the Call of Duty series “look[s] tired” and is in need of a year off. Granted there are probably a plethora of gaming fans who share Mr. O’Leary’s … Continue reading

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Crysis 3 Officially Announced for Spring 2013

Further to the Origin leak last week, EA have now gone ahead and officially announced Crysis 3 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The game is currently expected to arrive in spring 2013. In Crysis 3, Prophet returns … Continue reading

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Expect More Crysis 3 Info April 16

Just a quick update to our piece below on Crysis 3 being accidentally outed by EA on its Origin gaming platform. EA have simply responded to all enquiries about the leak with: The best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained. … Continue reading

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Crysis 3 Accidental Reveal

 It appears that Crysis 3 has been inadvertently revealed by EA through their own online gaming platform, Origin. Someone over at the NeoGAF forums was fortunate enough to spot the listing in the search results when entering the query “crysis … Continue reading

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EA Voted Worst Company in America

Electronic Arts is the worst company in America according to the 2012 poll to determine the same, carried out by The Consumerist. EA has accordingly won the Golden Poo award and shut out Bank of Amercia to claim the prize. … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC Announced Plus More

The first big piece of DLC for Battlefield 3 has been announced since Back to Karkand. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is set to arrive in June and will include four new maps and ten weapons. No vehicles will be included … Continue reading

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