SSX Demo Available

SSXIf the release of three new trailers for SSX yesterday, along with the Achievements list, got you excited, then we have more good news – a playable demo is now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Here’s the scoop courtesy of Major Nelson:

Defy reality and own the planet by jumping into the boots of the classic SSX character Zoe Payne to complete a tutorial run in the Rockies, then experience reality-defying gameplay through Race it, and Trick it events. In this online enabled demo, compete against your friends on your own schedule by uploading ghosts of your best runs to the SSX servers in Explore mode. Feeling lonely on the mountain? Don’t forget to send the demo invite to a friend to unlock SSX trickster Mac Fraser!

I get the feeling that many people (including myself) are looking forward to this Xbox classic being worked over, revitalized and hitting the 360. If you try out the demo, be sure to let us know your thoughts below!

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