Spec Ops: The Line Releases to Mostly Positive Reviews

Spec Ops: The Line Releases to Largely Positive Reviews

While initially it may seem that Spec Ops: The Line is just another generic third-person military shooter, it appears that critics have noticed a few unique qualities for the newly released title. We ran our own impressions of the game’s demo a few weeks back, and although the gameplay tended to border on the familiar tropes of the genre, felt that the storyline was a pleasant departure from the typical “bad guys from Russia are angry at everyone and everything” fodder we get in other titles of the same style.

Currently, Metacritic places the game at a decent 77 average, which may not be the most amazing score ever, but certainly merits a play through from interested gamers. Be sure to check out the launch trailer (embedded below) to get a feel for Spec Ops: The Line’s engaging narrative and gameplay. If you’ve had a chance to try the full retail title for yourself, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, as well!

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