Someone Might Have Sold this Xbox 720 Development Kit on eBay

Remember a few weeks ago when that DaE guy posted alleged photos of the Xbox 720 development kit, codenamed Durango, on the Internet? Well, it appears he has just sold that very same anonymous-looking black box for a whopping sum of $21,000. Whether or not the dev kit is even real is something that has yet to be determined, but it certainly seems as if DaE has access to something that Microsoft might not want people to know about or have. Although legal action has yet to be taken, it only seems logical that Microsoft, who typically offers these development kits as a loan service for developers, will be quite irritated that someone managed to score a great deal of cash on something that is rightfully Redmond’s property.

Even though eBay has developed a reputation for fake technology products being sold on its platform, the price that the alleged dev kit sold for and the various evidence DaE presented look to be pretty convincing. The leaked Durango UI appeared very Metro-inspired, and falls in line with Microsoft’s Windows 8 ecosystem that the software giant is looking to establish with its next lineup of products. While Microsoft has yet to comment on the situation, we expect the company to be releasing a statement fairly soon.

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