Resident Evil 6 to Feature 6 Player Co-op?

Resident Evil 6 has been receiving a lot of press coverage since the game’s announcement back on 19 January and rightly so. It would be fair to say that after a hectic end to the 2011 gaming calendar last year, the start to 2012 has been a little slow and the welcome announcement of RE6 has seemingly woken everyone up again.

The big news today is that, as formerly (see below) posted on, Resident Evil 6 will may feature a 6 player online co-op mode. The game will may also feature other, as yet unannounced multiplayer modes for up to 8 people.

Resident Evil 6 - 6 Player Co-op

Edit: The mulltiplayer information referred to above has been taken down from and the only feature now listed for the game is “Dolby Digital”.  However, I’m sure something more official on the Resident 6’s multiplayer modes will become available in the coming days/weeks.

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