Play BF3 this Weekend and Win with DICE

This weekend promises to be especially fun for Battlefield 3 players as they have a chance not only to steal the dog tags of DICE developers by playing multiplayer, but could also win a trip to DICE’s studio in Sweden!

BF3 DICE Developers

From 2pm CET on both Saturday (for Xbox 360 players) and Sunday (for PS3 players), players from DICE will be roaming various Battlefield 3 servers. Apparently more detail on exactly which servers they are playing will be broadcast via the @battlefield Twitter feed. I can only imagine what the wait queue is going to be like…

DICE Dog TagIn addition, if you are from either the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Germany and play BF3 multiplayer this weekend, you will automatically be entered into DICE’s “Battlefield 3 Says Thanks Sweepstakes“, the first prize in which is a fully paid trip to DICE’s studio in Stockhom, Sweden!

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