New Modern Warfare 3 Elite Content Coming Later this July

Although Battlefield 3 Premium has been stealing the show lately, it would be unwise to forget about Call of Duty’s own subscription-based service. Call of Duty Elite has been a very popular service for Modern Warfare 3 mavens, and Infinity Ward has just revealed a pretty awesome month for subscribers. For more on the content-heavy stuff to come, hit the jump!

If you’re a Premium Elite member, Infinity Ward and Activision will be spoiling you on July 17th with two new multiplayer maps and a Special Ops mission to feed your Modern Warfare 3 addiction. If you can’t enough of dropshots and noob tubes, be prepared for your flavor of multiplayer head-to-head warfare on Offshore and Decommissioned, and visceral co-op action on the Special Ops mission Vertigo. Offshore is said to take place on an abandoned oil rig in the Atlantic, which is likely similar to the single player mission found in the previous game, while Decommissioned is set in a graveyard of old ocean liners. Vertigo has players tearing through the Dubai resort, Oasis, and features what we can only guess is very vertically based gameplay. We’re putting our money on rappelling of some sorts.

In addition, Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 will also be making a free appearance for both Elite subscribers and non-subscribers. Elite members get it a day early on July 17th, while the common folk receive the fan favorite map the day following, July 18th.

For more info on Modern Warfare 3 and DLC to come, stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats.

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