Hiro Fodder: A Blue Hope Launches on Kickstarter

Inspired by the massive amounts of crowd funded cash donated towards much beloved, yet nearly forgotten, series such as the post-apocalyptic Wasteland, once hesitant old-school RPG fans are crawling out of their tents, downing an elixir and trying their own hand at recreating top-down tales of yore. Among these are Divergent Games, who are proud to announce their upcoming project Hiro Fodder: A Blue Hope.

Both a love letter and parody of classic conventions, A Blue Hope tells the story of a solitary blue slime and his quest for revenge against heroes who dare use his people as a mere leveling device. In an attempt to gather his own hero party, level up and fight back against those who oppress him, Hiro attempts to be the first monster that learns the rules of the game world – the same rules that are procured by the hero party. Once frightening dungeons are places to rejuvenate and make new allies, and archetypal towns are locales in which war must be waged.

A 16-bit to be released for the Xbox, PC, iOS and Android, Hiro Fodder is in need of a few extra Gil. Check out their newly launched Kickstarter campaign here.


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    i might donate for this later on in the kickstarter