Handsome Jack is Your Nemesis in Borderlands 2

If there’s anything worse than a handsome bad guy in a video game, it’s a handsome bad guy calling you out for all the world to see. In Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack does just that. The new big bad is the king of Pandora, and in his wake, the planet has once again gone to hell. The now-trademark Borderlands humor is certainly present in this freshly released trailer, and the updated graphics and classic art style are present in spades here. See for yourself just how handsome Handsome Jack is after the jump!

The trailer showcases some much more varied environments that weren’t present in the first Borderlands, and the general cel-shaded looks appears to have added several more hues of green and blue to its color palette. The overall look is mostly the same, but certainly immediately identifiable as a Borderlands title. In addition, a handful of new weapon types are shown, as are some seriously devastating effects that are sure to make loot-hunters squeal with glee. Fans also get a bit more information on the various classes they’ll be able to choose from when the game launches later this year.

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