Go Crazy in this Far Cry 3 Co-op Campaign Trailer


While many are excited for Far Cry 3 primarily because of its narrative-driven experience, the cooperative mode looks to be a fully-fledged attraction to complement the bulk of the main experience. With a rag-tag group of crazy characters working together for revenge, the cooperative campaign in Far Cry 3 will be heavily action-oriented with distinctive personalities. Check out some of the insane characters you’ll have a chance to inhabit later this year in the trailer after the jump.

If you’re easily offended by harsh language, or you’re at work, we highly recommend not watching this trailer. Far Cry 3 isn’t shy on dropping the F-bomb or other profanities, and while the game certainly tackles some mature subject matter, some people may be a little put off by the excessive swearing. If none of that bothers you, however, feel free to take a look for yourself below.

It’s a little refreshing to see characters that aren’t overdone stereotypes, and while each respective personality might be a bit exaggerated, it certainly lends some much-needed variety to the cooperative campaign. While early gameplay of Far Cry 3’s cooperative mode was shown at E3 2012, the majority of the footage wasn’t particularly exciting. How the mode eventually pans out is something we’ll just have to wait for, but it certainly seems that Ubisoft is running with its “insanity” vibe in just about every facet imaginable with Far Cry 3. Keep an eye out for the upcoming jungle shooter this November.

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