Gamescom Beams in a Star Trek: The Game Trailer

Captain, the Klingons have hailed us! On screen! They…they’re showing us a video of some sort, Captain. It appears to be a galactic space epic with vibrant phasers and a replica of the USS Enterprise. Captain, it appears to be featuring you and Mr. Spock! Wow, you guys are really kicking ass in this vide- wait, the Klingons have sent us a message! It’s not a movie… it’s a game, releasing for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC later this year. Captain, hit the space slip jump for a full video of the game!

All first-person narrative aside, the newest trailer for Star Trek: The Game looks more like Mass Effect 3 with Star Trek characters than anything. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not, but it certainly appears to be a familiar-looking title without too much in the way of innovation. If you’ve been pining to play as Captain Kirk (see what I did there?) or Mr. Spock in an action-packed third-person shooter, Mass Effect 3 probably scratched that itch. But in case it didn’t, Star Trek: The Game will be making an appearance sometime this year with all the Star Trek characters you know (or don’t) and love in tow.


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