Fry’s Electronics Black Friday Deals

Fry’s Electronics are one of the last big retailers to release their Black Friday flyer to the public and for those of you wanting a brand new Xbox 360 console, it is probably the best deal you’ve seen so far!

First though, operational matters. Fry’s are going to be running two different sales periods on Black Friday. The first period starts at midnight on Thanksgiving night (ie tonight!) and will/should sell out quickly. The second sales period then begins at 6am on Black Friday.

The key is that the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle, which will only set you back $179.96, opens for purchase at midnight tonight and will go quick! After that goes, you’ll then be limited to picking up a few choice games for some reduced prices during the 6am sales period.  The games on sale include Battlefield 3, which you’ll be able to pick up for cool $29.98.

Fry's Black Friday Deals

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