Free Batman: Arkham City DLC, New Cheat Code

Everyone likes free stuff right (like the Xbox 360 games we are currently giving away), but here’s something specifically for players of Batman Arkham City. Most of you will know that once you finish the game you then get to play through the story mode a second time with any of the skins you’ve unlocked thus far (looking at it another way, you need to finish the game to be able to use any new skins). Well, RockSteady Studios, the developers of Batman Arkham City, have a little Christmas gift in the form of: 1) a free new Batman skin/costume and 2) a Batman Arkham City cheat code that will let you activate and use the skin without first clocking the game.

Batman Inc Costume

The free skin, which can be seen above, is obviously of the Batman Inc. style and will be released tomorrow as a free download on Xbox Live. The second piece of the puzzle, the code you need to use the new costume instantly, is as follows. When you are at the main menu and have chosen your save slot, simply press: Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down. You will then get an auto confirmation of the code entry and when you continue your game, the chance to select your favorite skin (the selection of which, by the way, will not be limited to the free skin only). Enjoy!

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