First DLC for Max Payne 3, “Local Justice” Coming July 3rd

If you’ve been enjoying Rockstar’s take on the venerable Max Payne franchise, be prepared to enjoy some additional content in the form of the Local Justice DLC, set to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 July 3rd and on PC July 17th. Included in the DLC are new achievements, three new multiplayer maps, the M4 Assault Rifle with attachments, the Light Fingers item, the Sao Paulo Police faction to play as in multiplayer, and new Rockstar Social Club accomplishments. Hit the jump for pricing info and a new trailer!

If you’re the owner of the Rockstar Pass, the DLC will come free of charge, however those who have yet to purchase it can pick up the Local Justice DLC pack for 480 Microsoft Points during launch week, and 640 Microsoft Points afterwards. Alongside the Local Justice DLC, all pre-order DLC and bonuses will be made available as well, for a small fee. Here’s the breakdown:

• Cemetery Map:  160 Microsoft Points
• Silent Killer Loadout Pack:  160 Microsoft Points
• Pill Bottle Item:  80 Microsoft Points
• Deadly Force Burst:  80 Microsoft Points
• Classic Max Payne Character:  80 Microsoft Points

Stay tuned to for more info on Max Payne 3 and other killer titles!

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