EA Shows Off FIFA 13’s Match Day Feature at Gamescom 2012

FIFA 13 is going to sell boatloads of units, no matter what features it has, but that doesn’t mean EA Sports isn’t aiming to raise the bar for soccer games once more. Building on the success of FIFA 12, FIFA 13 aims to deliver a title that is more in tune with the real happenings in the soccer world, all while keeping the content of the game fresh and as real-time as possible. Similar to the way that 2K’s NBA 2K12 followed the real world of basketball, players will be able to play matches in FIFA 13 that are happening in real life. It doesn’t end there, however.

FIFA 13, for the first time ever, will dynamically update stats of players and teams as the real life season progresses. As sports games try to emulate real life more and more, such features become huge immersion factors to make fans of the game, fans of the sport. Rather than release roster updates or anything of the sort, Match Day updates teams and players to reflect their accomplishments and failures in real soccer matches around the globe. Such a dynamic is sure to keep FIFA 13 a fresh and engaging experiences for months, or at least until FIFA 14 comes out. Still, it’s always refreshing to see developers offer new and exciting ways for players to engage with the real world, and FIFA 13 looks to deliver a value-packed game that is certainly worth upgrading over its predecessor. Have a look at the recently released Gamescom trailer below.

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