Dead Space 3 Release Date Revealed in New Gamescom Trailer

Visceral Games and EA finally unveiled the release date for the hotly-anticipated Dead Space 3 today at Gamescom 2012. Accompanying the date was a fresh demo shown at EA’s presentation showcase, and the action-packed gameplay from Dead Space 2 looks to be making a return in the sequel. While we don’t know just how much horror will be present in Dead Space 3, action fans will certainly have something to write home about after seeing this recent gameplay footage. Check it out after the jump!

One of the most memorable sequences in Dead Space 2 was when players controlled a careening Isaac through space as he weaved in and out of deadly space debris to save sorta-kinda love interest Ellie. That same scene is present here, but with the stakes not quite as high. Perhaps this gameplay footage is designed to showcase Dead Space 3’s increasingly intense set pieces, which are set to top its predecessor on more than one front. Time will tell if the survival-horror franchise goes the way of Resident Evil and becomes more concerned with delivering action-packed gameplay than atmospheric scares, but expect to find out for yourself on February 5th, 2013.

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