Dawnguard Details Finally Revealed

Mere days before E3, Bethesda has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Dawnguard DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Contrary to what some might have speculated (including myself) prior to release, the DLC looks to introduce the dark thematics of vampirism and the blockage of the sun (!) to accommodate mythology’s most prolific creatures of the night. Hit the break for the trailer, as well as a few new details regarding the upcoming add-on!

Talk about hype! It looks as if players who download Dawnguard will be treated to an all-new storyline which will have them choosing between joining the vampiric forces who wish to block out the sun, and allying with the Dawnguard who seeks to prevent that very thing from happening. Choosing to become a vampire looks to be a much more interesting choice, in all honesty, considering the player looks to gain the ability to become some sort of demonic creature and roam the world with new and exciting powers at their disposal. Who wouldn’t want that?

Or, I mean, I guess you could choose to join the Dawnguard and get some nifty vampire-killing weapons, but COME ON! Look at that demon thing! A new crossbow that fires what I’m presuming is silver ammunition isn’t enough to overcome the vast gameplay benefits of joining the blood-suckers, but Bethesda will likely unveil additional features and drawbacks for choosing your allegiances at E3 next week. As far as release date and pricing goes, Bethesda claims the add-on will be available this summer for 1600 Microsoft Points, or $19.99. Stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats for more information as it develops.

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