Capcom Confirms “Play as a Zombie” Mode in Resident Evil 6

In a Dark Souls-esque twist of fate, Capcom has officially confirmed that Resident Evil 6 players will be able to step into the blood-soaked shoes of the undead with the new “Agent Hunt Mode”. In an odd combination of Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode and Dark Souls’… well, entire experience, Resident Evil 6 is aiming to deliver something completely fresh for hardcore Resident Evil fans. In Agent Hunt Mode, players will be able to take control of miscellaneous zombies, and invade other players’ live games.

Sounds pretty snazzy, doesn’t it? The mode will only be available to those who have completed certain levels once before, so attempting to troll first-time players isn’t going to be a possibility, thankfully. It seems likely (although hasn’t been confirmed) that it will  be an option to enable this mode, rather than on by default. Have a look at the trailer that Capcom released to coincide with the announcement, and leave your thoughts in the comments about how you feel it will work!

The last time a Resident Evil game implemented some form of Versus, it didn’t really pay off too well, so here’s hoping that Capcom has learned from their mistakes and are treating this mode as a full-fledged addition to the story.

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