Capcom Announces JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD for XBLA, PSN

You’d be forgiven for not knowing about Capcom’s Playstation and Dreamcast fighter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The game, a Street Fighter-esque rendition of the popular anime series, wasn’t exactly the most balanced or unique fighter, but it certainly had its charms and was an enjoyable brawler. Today at San Diego Comic Con ’12, Capcom announced that it will releasing an HD update of the 1998 fighter for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this August.

Similar to the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike HD Remix release we saw awhile back, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD will feature Spectator Mode, online multiplayer, replays, lobbies, and new HD graphics to entice fans of the original (and perhaps those curious to see what the fuss is all about) to give Capcom more of their money. If you’re the type who likes to relive old fighters or love the anime, prep your wallets for August 22nd and a 1600 Microsoft Points price tag.

For more on old-school fighting games remade in HD for the modern era, stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats.

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