Capcom Announces Fresh IP, “Remember Me” at Gamescom 2012


It’s not every day that a new IP hits the scene, and with Capcom’s first ever Gamescom showing, they’ve brought just that to show off to fans of futuristic sci-fi action. The game, titled Remember Me, looks to be an interesting mix of the Deus Ex aesthetic and a futuristic Bayonetta, which, as you can imagine, is pretty sweet looking. With a protagonist that resembles a slightly bustier Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark Zero, this new adventure title from Dontnod looks set to be killer. Take a look at the memory-mixing action thriller after the jump.

The game looks to be a narrative-heavy beat ’em up with some Uncharted-esque platforming elements thrown in for good measure. What we can glean from the trailer is that the game is primarily focused on Nilin, an memory remixing agent who loses her own cherished memories on a mission gone wrong. The game appears to be centered around Nilin’s quest to recover her memory and unlock the truth about her mission, all while beating up a lot of bad guys along the way. The game takes place in a neon-lit Paris circa 2184, and the game sells the atmosphere very convincingly thus far from what we’ve seen. Although no release date has been announced quite yet, we expect Remember Me to show up sometime next year.

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