BioShock Infinite May Not Have Multiplayer, Epic Games Producer Joins Infinite’s Team

Although BioShock 2 delivered an enjoyable singleplayer experience, the game certainly wasn’t memorable for its less-than-decent multiplayer component. So, perhaps it’s not exactly surprising that Irrational Games’ attempts at integrating unique multiplayer modes into its primarily narrative-driven experience in BioShock Infinite have been less than fruitful.

According to several insiders who reported to Kotaku, Irrational has been struggling to make multiplayer modes work within the constraints of the BioShock formula. Supposedly, a tower defense game was attempted, as was a four-player cooperative mode that allowed players to blast their way through elements of the game’s campaign mode together. While many would argue that BioShock Infinite doesn’t need a multiplayer component, there are hordes of skeptics out there looking to get the most bang for their buck, and additional modes designed to supplement a core experience are never a bad thing.

Additionally, Gears of War 3 producer, Rod Fergusson is reportedly leaving the folks in Raleigh to join the BioShock Infinite squad to help fill in for Tim Gerritsen, who was the previous producer on the title. Fergusson has a long hi
story of successful producer ventures, so to see him join the Irrational team is something fans should be happy to hear, especially given the recent delay of BioShock Infinite.

While we have yet to see how the game turns out as a result of the recent staff changes and unsuccessful multiplayer prototypes, it’s almost a guarantee that Ken Levine and Co. won’t release the game unless it’s absolutely ready for primetime. For more on BioShock Infinite and the possibility of a multiplayer mode, stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats.

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