Become the Hunter in Crysis 3’s Hunter Multiplayer Mode

It’s not often that an established shooter franchise tries to interweave an asymmetrical multiplayer mode into the framework of its other offerings, but it appears that Crytek is trying something new and refreshing with its recently announced Hunter multiplayer mode. Rather than pit two factions against one another in a balanced and fair firefight, Hunter aims to introduce a high-tech game of cat and mouse into the fray. In Hunter, two nanosuit-powered Hunters aim to prevent 14 CELL operatives from reaching an extraction point in what is sure to be the most unique gametype since Splinter Cell’s Mercs vs. Spies game mode. Check out some gameplay for yourself after the jump.

In classic Predator style, the Hunters will be equipped with cloak and weaponry that’s sure to make any fan of Rambo squeal with glee. Hunter mode is expected to work similarly to other asymmetrical gametypes in the past, meaning a group of 16 players join a server, and two Hunters are either randomly assigned or the two remaining players on the CELL team become the Hunters in the following round. It will be interesting to see how the imbalances of this game type play out, especially given that the Crysis franchise has almost exclusively been about empowering the nanosuit player with extraordinary abilities to turn the tides of battle in their favor. Should Crytek really nail it with Hunter mode, however, it could be an enjoyable alternative to the typical Team Deathmatch and objective-based gametypes we often get with first-person shooters. Who knows? Maybe this will even inspire a Horde mode-esque renaissance of modes in other shooters.

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